Roborock S5 Review

Roborock S5 Review 2022 | Best Overall

Looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner that offers good value for the best overall? Perhaps the Roborock S5 Review will interest you. Don’t make a decision before reading the Roborock s5 review.

This certainly isn’t a robotic vacuum cleaner, but it isn’t too pricey either. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has what you need, but we won’t know until we have an in-depth look at it.

Rororock S5 moves smoothly from room to room in your home, maps wherever, and removes every point. If discharged, it returns to charging and continues to work from where it stopped.

Roborock S5 Review
Roborock S5 Review

The powerful 2000 Pa suction power combined with a comprehensive floor cleaning system cleans every inch of your floor.

In the MI Home app, you can send it for cleaning anywhere, start a cleaning cycle, or schedule a cleaning when you’re not at home.

Pros and Cons: Roborock S5 Review


  • Precision laser navigation
  • Powerful 2000Pa suction
  • Clip-on water tank
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Ultra-high 5200mAh battery capacity
  • Map saving & Zoned cleaning
  • Powerful app control
  • Barrier tape & No-go zone
  • 2cm climbing ability
  • Washable filter


  • There is no Google Assistant support
  • Mopping is not good as we expect
  • Small dustbin compare to other
  • Little expensive

Features: Roborock S5 Review

Cyclone 3D Cleaning System

The powerful fan works like a cyclone with a high suction power of up to 2000 Pa. The main floating brush fits well on the floor. Together with the side brushes and roller brushes, make sure that the floor is completely clean horizontally and vertically.

LDS Smart Navigation

A laser distance sensor quickly analyzes each room and calculates this information using an algorithm called SLAM to create a real-time map of your home. Based on this map, S5 calculates the most efficient route for quick and complete cleaning.

Bionic Mopping System

The botanical bionic design of the water tank ensures a uniform drain, but no water stain at rest. The plug-in water tank protects you from tipping the robot and prevents water leaks. The edge of the mop fabric adheres firmly to the robot and prevents the edges from curling.

Self-Adjustable Brushes

The dynamic side brush with variable speed rotates at 330 RPM when it moves on an edge. Otherwise, rotate at 130 rpm to prevent dirt from flying. The floating main brush system floats up and down and adheres to the dust-free floor.

Powerful 5200mAh Battery

The 5200mAh high-capacity battery allows the robot to run continuously for up to 150 minutes. If you fully charge the battery once, it will cover multiple rooms. Note that Roborock has tasted in his tech lab on the hard floor, so running time may vary.

Advanced Climbing Ability

Cross obstacles or thresholds up to 2 cm in height without moving them to another place or room. Please note that if a water tank is installed, the lift height may drop to 1.5 cm.

Washable E11 Filter

The high-performance E11 filter traps 99.2% of dust and allergens up to 0.3 microns, such as house dust, pet dandruff, mold spores, and plant pollen. A washable strainer prolongs its service life and decreases the frequency of replacement.

Carpet Pressurization

A special carpet pressurization mode allows you to automatically detect the carpet and switch to maximum suction to clean it. As soon as the carpet is left, it returns to the previous suction.


The Nidec brushless motor imported from Japan provides air-flow up to 0.67 m3 / min and wide pressure up to 2000 Pa. The large airflow creates strong wind pressure, which can absorb dust from the floor and carpet and create an immediate cleaning effect.

Streamlined Air Duct

The streamlined air duct is equipped with a horn mouth that forms an area with high static pressure and significantly higher suction power.

The air duct in the wall is made of three parts on the wind side and guides the airflow smoothly to increase wind usage.

Meanwhile, the angle of the wind set is increased, thus avoiding turbulence, reducing noise and wind resistance, and offering high static pressure with low noise-cleaning.

Perfectly Sealed Air Duct

All the spaces between the different connections of the parts in the structure of the air duct are perfectly sealed. The connection between the dust container and the air duct is also well sealed to ensure general water tightness.

So that dust is completely sucked into the dust container and nothing remains on the floor. The opening of the horn is formed by a soft dust collection system, which is connected to the dust container through a FIP seal to ensure flexibility and high tightness.

Floating Main Brush

Dust accumulates easily at home, but it is difficult to clean tiles, cracks, and edges of the carpet. The floating main brush system can float up and down depending on the condition of the floor and stick to the ground. In this way, dust and debris in cracks can be well absorbed in the trash for deep cleaning.

Dynamic Variable-Speed Side Brush

When sweeping across a wall or obstacle, the side brush rotates at a high speed of 3300 rpm and thoroughly cleans the edge of the edge.

Moving in a straight line along a z-shaped path, the side brush rotates at a low speed of 1300 rpm, preventing the movement of debris.

Why Should You Buy Roborock S5

Clean And Then Mop For A Cleaner Home

The Roborock robot vacuum cleaner offers sweep + mop features for a cleaner experience. The water tank is based on the philosophy of botanical biomimetic and, together with the microfiber moped cloth, simplifies domestic cleaning.

Wet Mopping System

The new design of the wet cleaning system imitates a tree with the filter as roots and the cloth as leaves. Therefore, it is possible to control the penetration of water organically for wet cleaning for 45 to 60 minutes. Water cleaning is also achieved during cleaning. Water infiltration is deactivated when the robot stops.

Botanically Biomimetic Vascular Bundle Filter

The high-precision botanical biomimetic beam filter connects the water tanks and the wipe. The filter automatically absorbs water according to the capillary principle so that the fabric retains enough water, and at the same time filters impurities into the water to prevent the water outlet from blocking. The modular structure allows for easy disassembly and replacement.

Perfect Fit

The design with the maximum attachment to the edge is used to connect the fabric and the water tank. So the fabric is ideally attached to the water tank, eliminating the hemming phenomenon during floor washing, which can affect normal use because of a decrease in the floor washing area.

Peace of Mind

The botanical biomimetic water tank is easily removable in the form of a drawer. You can simply use it on the underside of the robot when cleaning without having to turn the robot upside-down.

Laser Scanning Route Plan

The LDS high precision laser rangefinder can scan a room at a speed of 5 × 3600 per second to get distance information.  Then the industry-leading SLAM algorithm calculates it to create real-time maps. Depending on the map, it plans a route along the edges and then Z-shaped for efficient and complete cleaning.

Customized Cleaning

If you want to clean a room, all bedrooms, or a small area, all you have to do is drag the cleaning frame onto the map in the app to create a special cleaning area.

Flexible and Simple

Click the map in the app to send the command, and the cleaner will go to the destination and plan the route to avoid obstacles in front of it. No card? Just set the desired point and the cleaner creates a real-time map while driving.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is Roborock a good brand?

Roborock provides an excellent balance of usability, performance, and useful features, such as mopping, five cleaning modes, long battery life, and a great application. However, even if you do not use the floor cleaning function or application features, it may be worth it.

Q: What is the difference between Roborock s5 and s50?

Are there any differences between the Roborock S5 and Roborock S50? Honestly, there is no difference between Roborock S5 and Roborock S50. This is the same model with the same accessory and the same price.

Q: Which Roborock is best?

The best model of Roborock vacuums are

  1. Best for Overall: Roborock S5
  2. For the Budget: Roborock E20
  3. Best for value: Roborock E35
  4. For Battery Life: Roborock S6
  5. Best for Hard Floor: Roborock E25
  6. For the Best Splurge. Roborock S5 Max

Q: Is Roborock better than Roomba?

The Roborock S6 is significantly quieter than the Roomba 980, and in quiet mode, it is just above the level of silent speech, making it easy to work even while watching TV. Roborock motors on the S6 are also more efficient than Roomba 980 motor, which offers a longer life in all suction modes.

Q: What is the difference between Roborock s5 and s6?

Roborock S6 has an updated quad-core processor, which allows for faster calculations and better algorithms and leads to the cleanup being about 20% faster than that of the S5. It has also improved the side cleaning brush. Roborock S6 is also said to be 50% quieter than the S5.

Q: Where is Roborock made?

Roborock’s headquarters is located in Beijing, with our R&D departments in Shanghai and Shenzhen, where our engineers, designers, scientists, and production experts work together in the development and testing process.


Finally, we have reached the bottom line of the Roborock S5 Review. As our Roborock S5 Review has shown, the Roborock S5 is indeed very solid the best overall.

After all, I was impressed with the Roborock S5. It collected the dirt and dust well than any robotic vacuum cleaner. I love that it has an even more advanced mop head for cleaning.

The Mi Home app has some useful features that work as intended. If you are also looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that can mop it, it will be difficult to find a better option than the Roborock S5.

What about you? Has our Roborock S5 Review helped you make a purchase decision?

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