Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review 2022

Are looking for the Hoover Power Scrub Elite pet carpet cleaner? Today you are going to read our Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review.

Well, It is the upgraded model of Hoover power scrub deluxe carpet cleaner. Therefore, the completed Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review guides will help you to make your purchase decision.

The Hoover power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner has been produced for enhanced performance and fast drying. In fact, it works in two ways, such as deep clean and quick clean mode. So, you can complete all your cleaning needs.

You can remove dirt and tough stains with a deep clean process for the entire house cleaning. On the other hand, a quick cleaning process with heat force speeds up drying and dries your carpet in less than 45 minutes. Wherein, you can quickly return to the floor.

The rotating scrub brush system removes odors and prevents the formation of bacteria in the instrument when removing the hardest pet debris. They developed the Hoover Power Scrub Elite carpet cleaner for active families. Now it is easier to clean. So come back to carpet floors faster.

Key Features: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review

  1. The Patented 360 removable brushes of SpinScrub technology clean and rub carpets from every angle
  2. DualV Nozzle provides uniform suction to clean surfaces quickly and evenly
  3. Wash/Rinse selection button switches from carpet cleaning to rinsing to remove any remaining solution
  4. HeatForce technology brings hot air directly into the clean area to accelerate drying
  5. The two separate large capacity water tanks for dirty and clean water
  6. Automatic detergent mixing systems for optimal cleaning results
  7. Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  8. Included 2-in-1 pet tool for removing pet hair, stains, and odors
  9. 8 feet hose pipe for deep clean hard to reach areas
  10. An included sample bottle of carpet cleaning pet solution

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Pros and cons: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review


  • The machine is easy to use and set up
  • The carpet-friendly wheel helps to move the machine in any place.
  • Large capacity water tank for larger area cleaning
  • Spin scrub technology helps to remove the dirt and tough stain
  • An automatic detergent mixing system helps to mix cleaning solution and water accurately.
  • The quick clean mode gives you the opportunity for faster drying.
  • It is comparatively lightweight less than 19 pounds


  • The roller brush is better than the spin scrub brush
  • Many people complain that the water reservoir leaks where it fitted with the body

Specifications: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review

  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 12.3 x 43 inches
  • Item Weight: 18.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 23.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hoover
  • ASIN: B01N5SMNJ4
  • Model Number: FH50251
  • Auto Detergent Mix: Yep
  • Brush System: 360 SpinBrush
  • Clean Water Capacity: 1.25 Gallons
  • Dirty Water Capacity: 1.25 Gallons
  • Heated Cleaning: Yup
  • Lightweight: It is lightweight
  • Perfect For Pets: Definitely, this device is perfect for pet
  • Removable Solution Tank: It has a separate removable solution tank
  • Rinse: Manual
  • Removable Water Tank: Fully removable
  • Suction Technology: Dual V
  • Wet Nozzle Brush Type: 360 SpinBrush
  • Tank System: Dual Tank System
  • Weight: 18.5 pounds

What Included with The Machine

  • 2-in-1 Antimicrobial Pet Tool
  • 8-Foot Hose
  • Sample Bottle of Cleaning Solution
  • Accessory Bag

Features: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review

Hoover Power Scrub Elite

This is a great upright carpet cleaner and shampooer machine. The Hoover power scrub elite is lightweight and red in color. The 8 feet hose pipes help to clean larger areas without disconnecting power. It is specially designed for better cleaning performance and proper drying.

Cleaning Mode

The Hoover power scrub elite works in two ways, such as deep cleaning and quick cleaning mode. The deep clean mode removes the embedded dirt and stains on the carpet.

On the other hand, the quick clean mode dries your carpet within 45 minutes with HeatForce technology. So you can get back on the carpet as quickly as possible.

Large Capacity Water Tanks

When you will buy the carpet cleaner machine, don’t forget to consider the water tank. It is a great element of a carpet cleaner machine.

The Hoover power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner machines use two large water tanks that keep dirty water separate from the clean. So you can clean it more and refill it less often.

2 in 1 Antimicrobial Pet Tool

The Hoover power scrub elite included a 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool to clean dirt from hard to reaches areas. It can remove dust, dirt, and tough stain from the stair, sofa set, and more.

The rubber knot is easy to rinse and is perfect for removing stains and cleaning the bumps. The bristle insert is ideal for a hand wash.

Quick Clean

Hoover’s power scrub elite works in two ways. That is a quick clean and deep clean mode. The quick cleaning mode is ideal for quick cleaning of the surface.

Therefore, the carpets dry in less than 45 minutes. When you set the deep clean mode, the machine will clean the pet messes and stain deeply.

Lightweight Design

If you want to clean the entire area of your home, you need to transport your device from one place to another. The carpet-friendly wheels will definitely help you to move the machine from one room to another.

But when you need to keep them in a store after cleaning you cannot carry them if it is heavyweight. The Hoover has produced a power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner that is less than 9 pounds.

So you can easily carry this machine anywhere and any place for its lightweight design.  It’s so easy to lift and carry with 4 easily accessible handles.

Spin Scrub Technology

Hoover has produced this machine using spin scrub technology. The spin scrub technology means the brush rotates in 360 to remove the embedded dirt and stain from the carpet.

These brushes move forward and backward in every direction. So there is no chance to remain any dirt on the carpet.

However, Hoover Power Scrub Elite uses a superior quality cleaning solution and a powerful suction to grab and remove dirt and tough stains from carpet and upholstery.

Automatic Detergent Mixing

Hoover, therefore, uses advanced technology to mix the cleaning solution automatically. You just fill the water tank with fresh tap water and add the recommended detergent solution.

The machine will automatically mix it when you are ready to clean your carpet. Don’t forget to provide the proper mixture of detergent and water for better cleaning results.

Compare With Other Models

Product PowerScrub Elite              SmartWash         PowerScrub Deluxe


Type of Cleaning               Fast Dry                Automatic           Deep Clean

Why buy              2X Faster drying than a leading commercial steam cleaner             The best cleaning full-size carpet cleaner Best value deep clean for your carpets

Tank Size             1.25 Gallon         1 Gallon Clean Water Tank, 20 ounce Solution Tank          1 Gallon

Cleaning Path    12 inch  12 inches             12-inch

Weight 18.5 pounds       Less than19 pounds        Less than19 pounds

Above Floor Cleaning      Yes         Ok          Yes

Quick Clean Mode           Yes         No          No

Automatic Cleaning         No          Yes         No

Auto Dry Mode No          Yes         No

Assemble and Use: Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review

Frequently Asked Question

Does this machine include any attachments for tough to reach areas?

In fact, this device comes with a 2 in 1 unit treated with an antimicrobial tool to reduce mold and mildew. The tool features two brushes, one is a scrubbing brush for upholstery and another is rubber knobs for hygienic cleaning.

The unit also includes an 8-foot hose for all above-ground cleaning activities, as well as an example solution to start the project. The supply includes a bag for storing the hose, tools, and solution bottle.

Can the machine remove dog urine?

Yup, The Hoover power scrub elite have produced for the removal of pet messes. However, the combination of Hoover solution with water eliminates the pet messes and odor. So we strongly suggest using the pretreat solution for removing stubborn stains.

Can I use the other solutions like odoban in this machine?

Why not, you can also use Odoban solutions. But we recommend using only Hoover solutions for better results and to save the life of your machine.

However, it has been developed for the hospitality, hospital and corporate sectors of customers.

Does this machine have dual tanks?

Definitely, the machine has a dual tank.

Can I use it on the stairs?

Yes, you can. Use the included hosepipe to remove stubborn stains and dirt.

Does this machine have any warranty?

The Hoover declares a limited two-year warranty for the power scrub elite.


Finally, we have reached the bottom line of the Hoover Power Scrub Elite Review. Hoover is a reputed brand in the field of cleaning machines.

They have already produced a lot of carpet, floor and vacuum cleaner. Power Scrub Elite is one of them. Therefore, this is a great carpet cleaning machine on the market no doubt about it.

In fact, Hoover Power Scrub Elite deeply cleans all deep dirt on the carpet. They easily remove any dried pet messes from the carpet. So we recommend this machine if you want to remove any stains, deep dirt from your carpet. Take your decision wisely.

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