Bissell Natural Sweep Review

Bissell Natural Sweep Review 2022 | Best Overall

Are you looking for buying Bissell natural sweep carpet and floor sweeper? If so, then check our BISSELL natural sweep review before you make your decision.

We have cleared everything in this review for your easy decision. You can also check the similar product Bissell perfect sweep turbo cordless rechargeable sweeper.

The simple but effective cleaning method of BISSELL Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper is a cleaning classic and dates back over 140 years. Melville and Anna Bissell presented one of the first carpet sweepers.

BISSELL Natural Sweep is now perfect for today’s cleaning needs and is ideal for quick and silent cleaning of carpets, rugs, and hard floors between normal suction.

These are double rotary brushes that work in both forward and reverse passages to collect large debris such as grains, beads and crumbs, and small particles such as dirt, dust, and pet hair.

In addition, the natural sweep has small brushes at the two corners of the foot to collect dirt and debris along the edges and corners. In fact, this Bissell easy sweep is perfect for all floor and low pile carpet.

The compact, durable, and lightweight design is environmentally friendly, does not contain PVC, and contains 100% recycled plastic parts.

Bissell Natural Sweep Review
Bissell Natural Sweep Review

It also requires no electricity to operate and no wasteful disposable products. BISSELL Natural Sweep comes with a lifetime use.

Key Features: Bissell Natural Sweep Review

  • Contains 100% recycled and PVC-free plastic parts
  • Double rotating brushes
  • 2 corner brushes for cleaning in corners and along edges
  • Safe on carpets and hard floors
  • Perfect for in-between cleaning
  • Durable design
  • Light at 3.5 Pounds
  • 9 1/2 “cleaning path
  • 1 twisted and 1 Tufted brush roll
  • 9.5 W inch X 10.5 D inch X 43.25 H inch

Pros and Cons: Bissell Natural Sweep Review


  • Perfect for quick and silent cleaning
  • Multi-surface cleaning capability
  • Dual brush roll for large and small particles
  • PVC free
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • No need battery or electric power
  • easy to use, maintenance and store


  • Don’t run automatically
  • Need muscle power for operating
  • Not perfect for high pile carpet

Specification: Bissell Natural Sweep Review

  • Product Name: Natural Sweep Carpet & Floor Manual Sweeper
  • Model No: No92N0A
  • Quantity: 1
  • Product Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Color: Nickel/Silver
  • Similar Models: 92N0, 92N01
  • Surface Type: Low Pile Carpet, Carpet, Bare Floors
  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Soft Bumper: Yes
  • Rows of Brushes: 2
  • Cleaning Path Width: 9.5 inches
  • Multi-Surface: Yes       
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Why Should You Buy Bissell Natural Sweep?

Multi-Surface Cleaning

BISSELL Natural Sweep is a multi-surface cleaner that cleans carpets and hard floors safely and effectively.

Dual Brush Rolls

The double rotary brush rolls that work in both forward and backward passages to absorb large residues such as muesli, pearls, and crumbs, as well as small residues such as fine dust and animal hair.

Sustainable Design

BISSELL Natural Sweep has a sustainable PVC-free design, contains 100% recycled plastic parts, and requires no electricity or expensive disposable cleaning products.

Easy to Empty and Maintain

BISSELL Natural Sweep has no motor or batteries to buy and it is very easy to empty from two dirt trays.

How to Assemble Bissell Natural Sweep

It is very easy to assemble this sweeper. No hassle to do this.

  1. Find the handle and connector section. Then attach the handle to the base of the sweeper.
  2. Set the screw to the base of the sweeper. Make sure the connector is securely screwed to the sweeper base. Otherwise, the handle may come loose during use.
  3. Continue to assemble the handle in sections by screwing the threaded sections firmly until all the sections have been used or the desired height of the handle has been reached.
  4. Screw the handle onto the threaded end of the upper handle section until it is firmly seated. The storage loop in the handle can be aligned for storage as needed.

For optimal performance, make sure that all sections of the handle are secure before using them.

How to Maintenance the Bissell Natural Sweep

For best performance, keep brushes and bearings free from hair, threads, and other debris. The sweeper body will be slightly tilted so that the rollers of the central brush can be removed for cleaning. To replace the brush rollers, attach the bearing to the end of the axis.

Alternative of Bissell Natural Sweep

When the Bissell natural sweep floor and carpet sweeper fails to remove the tough stain and dirt on the floor, then you can try other floor cleaners.

There is a lot of Bissell floor cleaner besides Bissell natural sweep. Such as, BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop which can clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without using harsh chemicals.

We recommend using Bissell eucalyptus mint demineralized steam mop water or Bissell citrus-scented demineralized water instead of normal water.

You can also use BISSELL Spinwave Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner. It is safe for cleaning sealed and hard floor surfaces.

This mop reduces the cleaning effort with power spin pads. You can use the Multi-Surface Cleaning Formula to remove tough stain and dirt on the floor at a moment.

You can also consider the Bissell Clean view Bagless Vacuum for your carpet. This Bissell vacuum is great for cleaning the carpet as well as stairs, upholstery, and more.

With the provided extension wand, turbo brush tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool, you can easily clean your ceiling, wall, car seat, and more.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do I Need to Charge This Product?

Ans: No, this Bissell sweeper does not require electricity or batteries. You move it back and ahead to lift dirt effectively.

Q: Is This Sweeper Safe to Use on My Area Rugs?

Ans: Yes, the BISSELL Natural Sweep is very soft. The carpet friendly wheel and soft roller brush don’t damage the carpet or area rug. So you can safely use this Bissell sweeper on your carpet or area rug.

Q: Why Use Carpet Sweepers?

Ans: It is perfect for large, open, small areas, and quick cleaning. It is also a silent cleaning option.

Q: Is Vacuuming Better Than Sweeping?

Ans: Definitely, vacuuming is better than sweeping. When you sweep, the dust gets into the air and other dirt particles get into cracks and corners.

On the other hand, the vacuum cleaners pull dust out of the slots and pull it into a separate box. It generates less dust in the air and leaves less dust on the ground as a whole.

Q: What is the Best Sweeper for the Floor and Carpet?

Ans: There are a lot of companies that produce sweepers for the floor and carpet. The best sweepers for floor and carpet are…

  1. Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper
  2. Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Carpet Sweeper
  3. Fuller brush 17052 electrostatic carpet sweeper
  4. Rubbermaid Commercial Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper
  5. Easy EDGE Lightweight Hardwood Floors Sweeper
  6. Shark 12inch Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper
  7. BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper

Q: Do Carpet Sweepers Work on Hard Floors?

Ans: Most of the sweepers work not only in carpets, but also on hard floors well, but they do not work well in thick rugs.

Besides the vacuum cleaner and the broom, the sweeper uses brushes to remove dirt from the floor without any suction force.


We have just come to the bottom line of the Bissell Natural Sweep review. It is a high-quality product, but inexpensive, difficult to lose if you try to argue solidly based on the value for money.

Positive online reviews from real customers who bought the product are proof of an excellent product made at an incredibly low price.

Is it the best in its class? Maybe not because there are others who are much better off. However, once the price is considered, it becomes a different sweeper.

With the advantages and disadvantages of Bissell’s natural sweep floor and carpet sweeper, we hope you, the reader, can make a better, more informed choice when choosing the right sweeper for you.

But don’t just believe it on the word. Find out why this product is so popular with Carper and floor sweepers that they are always looking for ways to improve their cleaning through techniques and tools.

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